How to Make Gel Nails with Paper Form

A latest treatment for nails that not only strengthens the nail but also promotes it’s natural growth is the Gel nail treatment. The gel nails are easy to prepare and are applied on a prepared nail. Finally it is cured in a UV or LED lamp which makes the nail hard as well as flexible just like the natural nail. the main advantage of going for a gel nail is that it gives a glossy and a natural finish. 

Unlike the acrylic nails these gel nails are fume free and odorless. These also give a little amount of dust while buffing or filling.  

The other properties that the gel nails have which make them different and in high demand are:

  • Natural Looking
  • Non Yellowing
  • Resist Lifting
  • Flexible
  • Non Porous

how to make gel nails with paper form  Paperform

Steps on How to Make Gel Nails with Paper Forms:

Step 1:
Prepare the nails, i.e., file them, buffer them, push the cuticles back and sanitize them. Don’t forget to dehydrate them.

Step 2:
Coat the nail plate with a really small amount of base gel.

Step 3:
Cure till you coat the other hand’s finger nails with the base gel as you did in step 2.

Step 4:
Set the form on the finger as mentioned on the pack.

Step 5:
Use the clear sculpture base gel to make the nail.

Step 6:
Start applying the sculpture gel from the free end of the nail. Follow the shape of the form to give the gel nail its shape. Move the brush in a straight direction while building the side of the nail.

How to Make Gel Nails with Paper Form Paper

Step 7:
Cure the nails for 20 seconds.

Step 8:
Pinch the sides of the gel nail with the pincher in order to give the nail a natural shape. This would also make it easier for you to take out the paper form beneath your gel nail easily.

Step 9:
Now you will get a clear flush free edged gel nail.

How to Make Gel Nails with Paper Form Papertrans

To understand the above steps watch the video:



Step 10:
Now take clear gel and coat your nail plate with it. Ensure that you make nice smile lines. Now rub your brush on the nail plate just make the gel flow on the nail plate.

Step 11:
Cure for 20 seconds.

Step 12:
Now take a nice white sculpture gel on a clean brush and set it right up to the smile line. Tuck it properly up to the corners.

How to Make Gel Nails with Paper Form Paperwhite

Step 13:
Now with the use of a separate brush to make the smile line perfect. Ensure that the smile is nice, sharp and curved.

Step 14:
Cure for at least 2 minutes.

To understand the above steps watch the video:



Step 15:
Now run a wipe your nail to remove the dispersion layer from your cuticle to the free end.

Step 16:
Now file the nail with your hand file. Ensure that you file the nail evenly from the sides; the lower arch must be straight.

How to Make Gel Nails with Paper Form Paperfile

Step 17:
If you have electric filer then file to get a perfect upper arch. If you don’t have the electric one you can do it with your hand filer.

Step 18:
After you feel that your gel nail has perfect shape wipe off the dust due to the filing and buffing done.

Step 19:
Now apply a nice thin layer of gloss from the cuticle to the free end.

How to Make Gel Nails with Paper Form Paperclear

Step 20:
Cure for 2 minutes.

Step 21:
Once the nail is out from the UV machine swipe it to remove any dispersion layer from cuticle to free end.

Step 22:
Pour a drop of cuticle oil around the cuticle and massage gently for 30 seconds.

Your beautiful gel nails are ready to flaunt.

To understand the above steps watch the video:


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