Gel Nail Polish

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Are you tired of re-coating your nails with enamel after every 4 – 6 days? You nail polish keeps chipping off? Then here’s the solution for your problems-

A lot, has been done in the recent years in the nail polish industry as most women complained of frequent application of the nail polish remover –‘acetone’ made their nails dry and parched. As compared to the ordinary nail color the gel nail polish sticks to your nails for around 3 – 4 weeks….Yes, I am saying weeks. Surprised!!!

These are amazing products launched in the cosmetic industry. They are a boon for very busy ladies or those who love to maintain their perfect nails or who are going on a long vacation. They are just like an ordinary nail polish and come in similar bottles. However, their functioning is a bit different and the results are simply great.

Gel Nail Polish 1
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Bio Sculpture Gel with Snakeskin

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With the craze of gel nail polishes increasing day by day so are increasing the demand of new trends and designs with them.
A latest innovation in the field of nail art is the SNAKESKIN SENSATION.

This Snakeskin sensation trend developed by Bio Sculpture was launched at The Sydney International Spa & Beauty Expo in August 2011. It is regarded as the latest and hottest nail art trend in the nail industry as it is the combination of beauty and fashion.

This awesome trend mixes the versatility of Bio Sculpture Nail Gel with the natural feel of snake skin (naturally shed and sanitized). The whole process involves the snake’s skin being embedded onto the nail together with Bio Sculpture gel colors and gel top coat and also curing them under UV or LED lamps.

NOTE: the snake skins used in this treatment are 100% natural and no harm has been done to the snake as the skin is naturally shed.

Bio Sculpture Gel with Snakeskin Snake

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How to Remove Gel Nails

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Gel nails are similar to the natural nail. They are flexible, thin, glossy and strong. Maintenance of gel nails is required, which would give them a long-lasting shine and strength. 
No doubt artificial nails add beauty to your nails along with strengthening them. However, at times there occurs a situation that you need to remove them. Few women think that removing a gel nail is a tedious task, and it would require them to visit their salon. However, now with our instructions it has become very easy how to remove gel nails. All what you need is follow our simple steps at home and get your natural nails back.

How to Remove Gel Nails Rem1

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How to Make Gel Nails with Paper Form

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A latest treatment for nails that not only strengthens the nail but also promotes it’s natural growth is the Gel nail treatment. The gel nails are easy to prepare and are applied on a prepared nail. Finally it is cured in a UV or LED lamp which makes the nail hard as well as flexible just like the natural nail. the main advantage of going for a gel nail is that it gives a glossy and a natural finish. 

Unlike the acrylic nails these gel nails are fume free and odorless. These also give a little amount of dust while buffing or filling.  

The other properties that the gel nails have which make them different and in high demand are:

  • Natural Looking
  • Non Yellowing
  • Resist Lifting
  • Flexible
  • Non Porous

how to make gel nails with paper form  Paperform

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Harmony Gel Nail Polish

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Being a nail technician means the one who knows what your nails require and how to take care of them. The same theory is followed by the nail care experts at Harmony.
As Nail Artists ourselves, people understand that nothing is more important than the tools of nail craft and nothing is more challenging than product inconsistencies. . . it has been and always will be that quality is their #1 priority.

At Hand & Nail Harmony people are passionate about sourcing the finest quality products. They believe that consistency, purity, workability and resilience define the integrity of their products. Extensive research and development goes into each product, utilizing state of the art technology and extensive salon testing.

The success of the company is measured by the success of the customers as they are committed to them.

Harmony Gel Nail Polish Hamony gelish

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Acrylic Nails

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Are you going to a party soon and want big nails for it??? Growing nails is definitely going to take a lot of time which I guess you would be lacking. How about going for acrylic nails??? Every woman loves long nails, and acrylic nails are the most alluring ones.

Acrylic nails are the strongest nails that can be used by you. If you really want long lasting beautiful nails, then you must visit your spa for a professional to do the treatment.

Acrylic nail is an artificial nail which is glued on the natural nail. These acrylic nails are formed by combining a liquid (EMA, i.e., Ethyl Methacrylate or MMA, i.e., Methyl Methacrylate) and a powder. The nails made of EMA are generally more long-lasting and flexible than those made of MMA. MMA nails might be cheaper, but often they cause skin irritation. So it’s always recommended to go for acrylic nails made up of EMA.

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Acrylic Nails vs. Gel Nails

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Use of acrylic as well as the gel nails has been in trend for many years. However, due to the growing popularity of gel nails ladies are opting less for acrylic nails as reported by several salons across the country.

Acrylic nails

Acrylic nails are basically the most robust artificial nails which are applied using a powder polymer and a liquid monomer. This mixture when layered upon your natural nail and exposed to air for nearly 15 minutes gets hardened. A hard layer of acrylic nail gives a perfect canvas for various nail embellishments, piercing or mere nail coloring.

Acrylic Nails vs. Gel Nails Acrylic

Gel nails

These nails have the hardness like an acrylic nail and appearance like a natural nail. However, they need to be cured under the UV or LED lamp to get hardened. The gel nail polishes need to be cured for 3 minutes after every coat.
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Nutra Nail Gel Perfect UV-Free Gel Color

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The first and only gel nail polish that does not require to be cured under UV or LED lamp and sets in 5 minutes… Read on carefully to know more about Nutra nail gel perfect UV-free gel color.
The gel nail manicures you get at the salon are time consuming as well as expensive however these UV free gel colors by Nutra nail care is a revolutionary product which all ladies are going to love.
The best part of these Nutra nail gel perfect UV free gel colors is that you don’t have to dip your nails in acetone for 15 minutes for removing the color neither you have to go to salon for the costly affair. All what you need is to get yourself this not so expensive kit and color your nails which would be rock solid in 5 minutes and would also give patent leather finish and shine.

Nutra Nail Gel Perfect UV-Free Gel Color Nutra1

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How to Apply Gel Nail Polish at Home

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Do you want to have beautiful nails but don’t have time to go to spa for manicure or pedicure??? Read further as here we give tips on how to apply gel nail polish at home. Nowadays several kinds of UV gel nail polish kits are available in the market which enables you to get the beauty parlor like manicure, pedicure at home. You might be confused on how to use the products provided with the kit. No need to panic you will find it very easy applying the gel nail polish at home with our simple steps and instructions.

how to apply gel nail polish at home Apply

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How to Remove Gel Nail Polish At Home

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The latest hit among women for improving their nail beauty is the gel nail polish. Not only these nail polishes serve to be chip free and smudge free, they prove to be long lasting and shinier too.

Although the gel nail polish is a time consuming affair but it is a perfect nail art which adds beauty to your fingers. The UV gel nail polish dries out quickly that you don’t need to wait for at least half an hour in the salon or ask the helper to take out your car keys from your purse. 
However the main problem occurs when nail starts growing. You can continue with the old gel nail polish for some days but when the nail growth is enough to make your nails look odd then you need to repaint them. For repainting your nails you need to take off the older gel nail polish.

how to remove gel nail polish at home  Rem

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